Youth Action YouthBuild

Our Vision


Youth Action Programs & Homes, Inc. also known as Youth Action YouthBuild East Harlem, is dedicated to building a community of young people and adults committed to taking responsibility for their own lives and for improving the larger community.


Message from the Executive Director

Youth Action Programs and Homes is the little organization that could! Started by Dorothy Stoneman, who in the mid 1970’s had a simple yet transformative idea that if given the chance young people could change their communities for the better. While this belief ,which was germinated and nurtured at YAPH, has since grown and become an international force known as YouthBuild International, YAPH remains still alive and rooted in East Harlem. We still hold firm to our commitment to serve the young people of this community and to ensure that there is affordable housing for East Harlemites.  However each day is struggle as these are perilous times for our youth and for communities at the margins. We continue to soldier on but we need broad support and all of our friends to continue in this work. We count on you remembering us and the work that we do! Thank you for visiting our website, for catching up with us or coming to learn more about who we are and what we do. Come visit us if you are ever in East Harlem — we are located at 206 E. 118th Street! All are welcomed (ask for Robert)!

See you soon!

Robert Taylor, Executive Director


Where We Are

YAPH currently offers two programs: the Youth Action YouthBuild (YAYB) program and a low-income housing program. Through the YAYB program, YAPH serves youth from East Harlem and surrounding communities by integrating leadership development, education, and vocation skills training into a combined service approach that prepares young people to take advantage of existing economic opportunities, forge new ones, and further their education. YAPH services include High School Equivalency (HSE) training, work readiness/professional certifications/employment placement,  case management, and leadership development through the provision of community service.

YAPH also owns 12 buildings in East Harlem, representing 128 units of low-income housing for formerly low income people, homeless individuals and families, and people living  with HIV/AIDS.


Where We’re Headed

As YAPH enters its 40th year, it draws upon its legacy and the shifting landscape of the East Harlem in preparing for the future.


New Programs

In addition to its YAYB and low income housing programs, YAPH plans to unveil two new programs in 2018. In partnership with the City University of New York (CUNY) Urban Food Policy Institute, YAPH proposes to expand its YouthBuild model beyond the construction sector jobs to also include preparing young people for emerging local workforce opportunities in the healthy food and food services sectors. The Good Food Jobs Workforce Development Program (GFJP) will strengthen and support positive elements of the food sector as an employment opportunity for young people in East Harlem while reducing the limitations of these jobs. YAPH and the CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute plan to pilot a 9 month training program with 15 participants, which will include 6-8 weeks of instruction, 6-13 weeks of internship experience, and 4 months of participant follow up during which the agencies will check in with participants to determine outcomes of the program.

YAPH is also working in collaboration with the CUNY Building Performance Lab to  implement a Building Operations and Maintenance Workforce Development and Training Program (BOTP), which will develop participants’ knowledge of building operations and train them to manage various aspects of a building. The BOTP is being developed in response to an increasing demand for building maintenance workers/ operators as the current workforce ages out and leaves employee gaps in the industry. YAPH plans to run a 24 week program with 30 participants beginning in the Fall of 2018.


Celebrating 40 Years

As YAPH enters its 40th year of providing service to East Harlem, the agency plans to host a celebration event honoring YAYB program alumni, supporters and partners that have been integral to its success! Stay tuned for more information!


Community Partnerships

Information on community partnerships coming soon!



Youth Action YouthBuild East Harlem is dedicated to building a community of young people and adults committed to taking responsibility for their own lives and for improving the larger community.
"A Proud Partner of the American Job Center"

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